Great Movie

I have really enjoyed some of the Cohen Brother's movies - The Man Who Wasn't There and O' Brother Where Art Thou, in particular. Some, though, like Ladykillers and Intolerable Cruelty didn't really seem to me to show the genius of the Cohen Brothers potential.

If you don't like slow-paced, violent or disturbing movies with anti-climactic endings, you might not like this movie. But the character development and casting is fantastic, and the cinematography is delicious. Favorite scenes of mine were those shot in Llewellen's trailer, through the reflection of the old TV screen.


Greg Heck said...

It was definitely one of their better serious movies. The ending din't bother me. Nothing wrong with an ending that makes you think after the credits roll. Did you see "There Will be Blood"? It gets my vote for best movie of the year.

John said...

The movie had the feel of one of those sort of raw 70's movies- kind of like 'Thunderbolt & Lightfoot'- maybe it is the plaid western shirts, older pick ups- or maybe it is the lighting? The tone is different than that movie, but what I think the Cohen bros do so well is brew an authenticity to their movies- whatever the setting. Oh- and it was an interesting story. I don't see what the hubub about the ending was, it followed the pattern of the rest of the story.