Christmas! The Recap ... (finally)

The Christmas trip was tons of fun. As previously mentioned, I left from the Queen City of the South (Charlotte) for a short work trip in the Steel City (Pittsburgh), then headed to the Queen City of the Midwest (Cincinnati) for a Fri-Sun visit with Cinci friends. Then, on Sunday, JNK and I headed to the Fountain City (Bryan, OH) for a family holiday party. I was thrilled to make this event, as I was able to see lots of wonderful extended family that I didn't get the chance to see during my Thanksgiving travels. Then it was onward to my parents in the Heart of the Irish Hills (Brooklyn, MI) to celebrate Christmas with my parents and sisters through Christmas Eve. Headed to the Glass City (Toledo, OH) for the fab perennial Christmas Eve party @ Mark+Patty's; then Christmas day OH Turnpike back west to grandma's in Blakeslee, OH for Christmas lunch then hopped back on the Turnpike east to make it to Christmas dinner in Rossford, OH - founded by Edward Ford of the Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass Company (ever see the Laverne & Shirley-type cursive letter 'L' on the bottom of your glasswear?). After days and days and days of great reunions with family, way too many presents and way too much food, JNK and I journeyed back to the Queen City of the Midwest to stay over at our good friends, the Gatch's and have a good bike ride with John G. Then a funny thing happened to keep us in Cinci for a couple of extra days ....

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