It was a gorgeous 64-degree sunny day here in Charlotte and my first mtb ride since September ... way overdue, by the way - it was so much fun. A few of us from the dinner party group met at Sherman Branch near Mint Hill, NC to ride the trails. It's only on a bike trail that I can think up such quality thoughts as "if single-speed bikes had gears, single-speed riders would definitely ride top-mount-thumb-shifters like these" and actually say that outloud.

One of my favorite things about riding the mtb is that it's OK (almost expected, really) to wear not-so-matchy, not-so-proper cycling gear ... and the more retro the better. Today I pulled out my all-time favorite and first-ever cycling jersey that I bought while working at Bikeworks (Sylvania, OH) in college - I've always loved the colors and it's quite possibly the softest jersey ever. Not sure that it quite qualifies as retro, but it's definitely a blast from my past.

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Arleigh Jenkins said...

Yeh for mtn bike rides!