An NKY ride, a 911 test drvie, a new baby and visits with friends

We were apparently successful at bringing some warm SE weather to Cincinnati with us as it was 55 degrees + on Saturday. I was eager to ride with Cinci friend and former training partner Melissa - and it was a great day for long, easy miles. So we met up with a small group of cycling friends at Lunken terminal for a 4.5-hour ride in northern KY. I was assured the ride would be tame enough, as the group was governed by John G on a fixed gear (42x15?). Here's a funny thing that I've noticed about moving away from places and returning to ride: it takes coming back to discover a great new route. We did a new-to-me ride to the Ryland Heights, KY area, including the Lambs Ferry loop - a very cool stair-stepping, switch-backy climb and descent with max grades of about 18%. So good to spend time chatting with Melissa, Drew, John M (thx for gifting to me the Assos tights!) and new-dad Paul. Here's a shot of Melissa and I at about 3hrs - yes, I'm having my second breakfast at that point:
After the ride and a little recovery, we went to John M's for a test drive of his on-the-market 911 (so fun), visited Paul & Peggy with new arrival Katarina (Congrats!), had dinner with Jeff & Kristin and drinks with Jim and Maria - such a fun, full day in Cincinnati.

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