Cocktail Party season has begun ... matchy-matchy? ... and toasting to Beth (again!)

I love going to fundraising events - especially with a group of friends. Beth and I scored the 4 Keith Corp sponsor tickets (Thanks, Mr. Keith!) to a cocktail party/fundraiser (more details later) last night at the very nice Quail Hollow Country Club, with guests JNK and Andy (it was great to meet you, Andy!).

Beth & I did not plan to be matchy-matchy (promise!) - but found it absolutely hilarious when we spotted each other at the event. I am more than slightly embarrassed for the wrinkles in my scarf! Alas, I only had 30min to get ready after working out ... priorities, you know, and yesterday ironing just wasn't one of them.

Great food -- lucky for us, M:5 Modern Mediteranean (I loved their yummy braised lamb w/gnocchi) and Morton's Steak House (juicy beef tenderloin) catered the event.

AND it was a great time to toast congratulations to Beth for Closing on her condo yesterday! Cheers!

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