It's only 6 hours ...

Here are some photos of JNK at his last cyclocross race. He is infinitely more photogenic on the bike than I. Another difference? He does 6-hour races, I do 30-minute races. I did do a 6-hour road bike ride a couple of years ago - it was one of those I'm-only-supposed-to-be-out-for-4.5-hrs-training rides ... but I was bamboozled by the group I was with and endured the trauma of being 15-degrees under-dressed, under-nourished and riding with others far my superior. It took me weeks to get myself back together. I am not exaggerating.

So tomorrow JNK is doing the 'Tree Shaker' 6-hour Mountain Bike Race in Fort Mill, SC (only about 20 min south of Charlotte). I've agreed to go and give him 'support'. This includes, but is not limited to, the occasional cheering and handing up food and waterbottles, as needed (I will not be in cheerleading garb, however). The really funny thing to me about this is that JNK is notorious for never eating or drinking on the bike - regardless of intensity or duration. We'll see if he accepts any offerings tomorrow... I will be on standby, just in case. I've been considering, though, what to entertain myself with between laps ... here are some options I've come up with:
- document the event for a blogpost (duh!)
- respond to about a million emails that I've been terribly negligent with
- meet new people!
- plan my next work trip
- read a bit from my current book allotment
- manage my itunes library/make playlists
- write notes to a few friends with significant recent events
- get a training ride in
- plan a yummy Sunday night dinner menu
Hopefully there will be time left in the day (and willingness!) to swing by the Windy Hill Orchard and Cider Mill nearby for a mug of cider and, if I have a super-good training ride, a hot apple cider doughnut ... mmmm ....

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