On the road again ...

I love the travel component of my work – it’s such a great way to see and experience new places I otherwise wouldn’t encounter. Throughout eastern PA, I find the small towns, topography and Americana so enjoyable … and this time of year it is absolutely gorgeous.
Yesterday I ordered my lunch to-go and took it to this National Historic site in Pike County.

I love historical landmarks – I can really get caught up in them, as they are often so amusingly random and obscure. This whole idea that there is a registry of national landmarks boggles my mind – I mean, they are ubiquitous and the criteria seems awfully broad based on some of the things that I see. I often wonder what sites, if any, are ‘denied’ by the ‘National Historic Registry Committee’ - or whatever it must be – a process and authoritative body that is equally as intriguing to me (can’t you just imagine those riveting roundtable debates?).

So here are some photos of Gifford Pinchot’s ‘Grey Towers’. He was apparently quite a conservationist – with beautifully planted grounds to prove it. His house is quite impressive, too – nevermind the obvious ‘how many more trees might he have planted had he not lived so lavishly …’. All cynicism aside, though, it is a marvelous home with incredible views, remarkable tree-lined lanes and really great outdoor living spaces – all very favorite things of mine.

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