Commercialism at its best

I'm halfway through my stack of holiday shopping propaganda. It's a good thing that I've already started my Christmas shopping - I think it would be long after the holiday by the time I got through them all. Despite what a waste I think junk mail is in general, admittedly I do have fun flipping through the catalogs to see the latest trends in fashion and home decor ... but don't be fooled. These seasonal editions are shamelessly laced with guilt-laden rhetoric, such as: "Give the gift that shows her how much you love her"; "Show him how much you care"; "Give them warmth and love". Disgusting. I find that the more I look through the less inspired I am to buy anything at all.

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Unknown said...

Christy, I agree with you about the pitiful commercial ploys and gimmicks...it never fails to amaze me what they'll come up with next.

Before you throw out all those catalogs, don't forget to rip out and shred any of their pages that contain your name/address and any "pre-approved credit limits" info. You can never be too careful anymore!

I missed seeing you at Christmas, but by the looks of your blog entries, you had a great and busy holiday! Love you!