Good Soup

This time of year on of my very favorite recipes to make is this roasted squash soup. It is very simple (time and patience is needed for chopping up the squash, though!) and soooo healthy and I make a big enough batch to last a good week. There have been several times where I've stopped short of the puree and enjoyed it as a roasted vegetable dish instead of soup. The cilantro-walnut pesto is definitely worth the extra effort and easy to do while the squash is roasting. I typically choose butternut squash because it seems the easiest to work with (though I have picked up a variety of winter squashes at the farmers' market in the past and enjoyed the mix), always double the garlic requirement (for keeping the vampires away, of course) and this week I added a few leeks.
"There is a saying about soups in Southern Italy which translates to: Soup does seven things. It relieves your hunger, quenches your thirst, fills your stomach, cleans your teeth, makes you sleep, helps you digest and colors your cheeks. "

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carol koury said...

Hi Christy, I also LOVE soup, especially squash, and made some just yesterday. I find that for easy prep, halve squash, remove seed, place cut side down on foiled lined pan and roast @ 350 for 50-60 min. You can then remove soft cooked squash from skin and proceed with recipe. Peeling, cutting rock hard squash is not my favorite thing. Happy cooking! carolk