Movie Review

On Tuesday night, JNK and I went to an advanced screening of "The Golden Compass" ... it was part of a dinner-and-movie social group that JNK found out about and the free movie was showing at the within-walking-distance theatre. This was a best-intentions situation to try to further integrate into the Charlotte social scene ... unfortunately (and perhaps it should have been predictable?) it wasn't so much the young, culturally-sophisticated movie intellectual as much as a bunch of the comic-book-guy-from-the-Simpsons types. The demographic might have been influenced by the film choice - a fantasy film about a parallel universe. Very fun and entertaining if you enjoy the Lord of the Rings/Pans Labyrinth-type movies -- just be sure to check your expectations at the door if you are looking for epic or if you require a solid movie ending (this one is clearly set up for a sequel, but didn't leave me caring to continue on with the silly journey). For the record, we opted out of dinner with the group.


John said...

This movie falls into the crowded catagory of 'the book is much better than the movie' and I have not read the book. I have heard glowing reviews of the book and the larger story of religion and spirituality. The under 2 hour running time leaves not much room for story and character development and fighting. No time to waste right?! This movie's idea of context is showing grand landscape shots and travel montages, not the context of a developed story line. There had to be so much left film on the editor's floor. The impression is that the mandate was 'give me a sub 2-hour holiday movie'. OK- we have 6 hours of film where do we cut? Well we can't get rid of those landscpae scenes, or the fight scenes... alright- let's cut out all the character & story development we can. So the expectation mut have been that most wil have read the book and this film just supplements the story with some visuals.
Oh- and the ending, just like Spaceballs, when Yogurt says, "I hope to see you all again in 'Spaceballs II: The Search for More Money'."

rachel said...

Christy - This is Rachel from BikeWorks. I just saw your comment on Cara's blog and followed the link. I didn't know you guys were teammates.

I sat out most of the 'cross season, but maybe I'll run into you next year!

I just saw Bernardo last week who passed on your news. Congrats!