Onward to Boone, NC ...

Today's NCCX tour stop was the Hawksnest Crossfest at the Seven Devils Ski Resort. As such, it was plenty hilly ... and there was a high-wind advisory: "...NORTHWEST WINDS WILL INCREASE TO BETWEEN 25 AND 35 MPH WITH GUSTS TO 65 MPH ... THROUGH MONDAY NIGHT. THE STRONGEST WINDS ARE EXPECTED ACROSS THE HIGHER ELEVATIONS..."(weather.com) neither element suiting me particularly well. I finished 4th; congrats to teammie Cara for another victory in the Women's A's!
Loved the trip - fantastic sweeping views of the Pisgah National Forest (home to fabulous MTB trails). Next weekend the tour will conclude with the final CX series race in Cary, NC.


Greg Heck said...

Nice Job and what a beautiful backdrop for a race

Evie Edwards said...


It was a tough race weekend- lots of outdoor time! You did great; next week Cary.

Here is a website Dave and i stumbled upon of some photos from the last few cross races: http://www.photoreflect.com/pr3/store.aspx?p=44550