Onward to the Other Queen City

On Friday, I made the cross-Ohio trip from Pittsburgh to Cincinnati, where I would return the rental car and meet JNK, Bonnie and Tommy for dinner at Ruthai's Thai Kitchen on Mt. Lookout Square - a favorite Cincinnati restaurant within walking distance of 656 Delta. Speaking of, it was bittersweet to drive by the old house - the new owner hasn't bothered to take down the once-lush Boston Ferns hanging on the porch, which is shame since they are now undoubtedly dead.

It was great to catch up with Bonnie and Tommy for dinner, even if sitting tatami-style for the long dinner became a bit uncomfortable -- but I loved the sushi tuna & avocado salad that I have yet to find at any other Thai restaurant. Bonnie, we hope that your family holiday plans come together (better late than never!) and Tommy, we'll keep you posted on the January dinner party in Charlotte!

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bondeeds said...

Wow, I made the blog! It WAS fun seeing you guys again...funny how I see you more now that you're gone. Hope '08 brings more of the same. Have a great year!